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Well-worn Software

Last updated Oct 14, 2022 Edit Source

What would software look like if it aged?

Imagine a computing interface that became less and less “new” the more you used it. Sculpted to the shape of your hand. Perhaps the mouse cursor on your computer would become rounder in the direction you most frequently drag? Maybe a button could develop a nice shiny patch the more it is used.

Each time you type a character the next becomes a little less perfect? Some gaussian blur or a variable font? A strange result, yes, but yours.

Sitting and reading a page in the sun could cause it to slowly yellow. Switching applications too quickly might result in wrinkles or even tears. Each play of a song could cause it to get a bit more crackly?

The imperfections we find ourselves surrounded by in the physical world aren’t something to be driven away or improved by software. They are part of the experience of being human. As software progresses it should be easier to implement these wild fantasies. I hope we do.